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The Big Kahuna Blue Collection

Big Kahuna Blue

We could make the obvious joke about getting Lei’d in our Big Kahuna Design but that would be predictable, and there’s simply nothing predictable about wearing this Blue Hibiscus suit. The tri-colored floral pattern for guys provides a notion of casualness while keeping the formality that only a quality 4 piece suit could provide. This Hawaiian print suit will have you ready to look good and hang loose!

Big Kahuna Blue Jacket

If a full Big Kahuna Red suit is not quite your style, try out a jacket for a more laid back style. All our jackets come with real inside and outside pockets and boutineer hole on the lapel. These threads not cheap throwaways. They can be used once or often, it’s up to you!

Big Kahuna Blue Vest

Our vests are the most versatile of our collection. They can be used to compliment any outfit you have or used as a statement of their own. The entire vest is in patterned fabric, and features a solid back buckle for the perfect fit.

Big Kahuna Blue Pants

Get your style points from our patterned trousers. They go perfectly under a solid color blazer or shirt. All styles come with adjustable enclosure for the right fit.

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